Cambodian Phra Ngan Demystified - Phra Ngan Male

Cambodian Phra Ngan Demystified

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Cambodian Phra Ngan Demystified - Phra Ngan Male

Cambodian Phra Ngan Demystified - Phra Ngan Female

Cambodian Phra Ngan Demystified

This is my all time favorite, despite all the yelling, cursing and dead threats; I repost  to you the Cambodian Ngan for your persual. This will close the chapter on Khmer magic for now. As you can see, Khmer magic is nothing other than that. However as a word of advise:

Reader’s discretion is advised.

The Phra gNan will posses you when you carry it with you. When you go to bar or somewhere.. And when someone say something to you that is not nice you will get mad and angry easily, just walk away and don’t look back.

On buddha day (one day) that Phra Ngan will be stronger and powerful.  On this day just be careful and avoid people when they say something not nice or want to cause you problem..WALK AWAY!

Phra Ngan is not Buddha that’s is why you don’t put above your neck . Phra ngan is half good and half bad

If the mud from the bottom of Phra Ngan is taken out that means the power is lesser because the holy mud is from 7 different cemetary.  It originates from the border of Cambodia 600 years ago.

One thing you need know Phra Ngan, there is a male and female if you have both together that is very nice for good luck like a business with big people, good luck for women and protection you from any danger any harm that come to you. And Phra Ngan can also protection you from the harms from any weapons. If you have the original one you can wear them on you waist or put in pocket when travel anywhere anyplace they will protect you save. Worshipping Phra ngan is easy: what you have to do is get two red flower two red candle them on the plate, than you put Phra Ngan in the plate and start pray. Pray and say what are you wish for? But remember you need to believe in your heart. .

WHERE TO PUT: wear it around your waist or put in your pocket.  This kind of Phra Ngan is ONLY for low places not high; like under your bed, in the closet anywhere just below places.

HOW TO CARE:  to care for or pray to you need two red flowers, two red candles.  Change your flowers twice a month or every week.  At least once a month you need pms from virgin woman to rub around the body Phra Ngan to make it stronger and powerful.  If you don’t have that you can use urine as a replacement

This is the Cambodia way

Wear on centre protection put on left in sane, right is business


  1. You put your Phra Ngan face down on floor. (Second put a banana left above it)
  1. Ask a pretty girl to walk to and fro for 3 times.
  1. If your Phra Ngan face up; then this Phra Ngan can do many things.

This is how it works in Cambodia ways…


“Om hang eii

hang tong

hang lek

hang yei

hang dee

hang rai

hang sek ru ruai

hang chuan sau eii

mani ma ma x 7 times

Then wish what you want…?”

The girl must be of young age 13-18; the best virgin ok , no virgin don’t try; use the pms cover body of the Phra Ngan , not the head of the Phra Ngan.

Cambodian ways on how to test you Phra Ngan if it will go in you or not:

  1. Get permission from the god and spirits that protect your house.
  1. Let them know that you invite Phra Ngan for magic and sane or business.
  1. Burn 3 incenses to the gods and let them know.
  1. Burn 5 incense and put on the ground then chant the Phra Ngan Kata while holding the Phra Ngan statue with you.
  1. Put Phra Ngan in a dark place.

Power upgrades the white ways:

Do a merit and donate the merit to Phra Ngan, so I will upgrade his power,

But I will be much slow compare to below,

When time reach you leg will kick at 3 am in the morning

That mean Phra Ngan is in you to help you…

Black ways magic upgrade:

Ok at times you may hear rumors how Phra Ngan is prayed:

  1. The most powerful way to upgrade Phra Ngan is keep drinking alcohol.
  1. Go out with girls/guys.
  1. While having sex, put Phra Ngan below the bed center.

After doing it for some time, you can see your sane power getting more and more.

While you power is increasing … you can get the girls/guys more easily. After 10 girls/guys you make love with you will reach 100 in no time…tested…..

please at that time don’t curse people cause I will come true ,(EASY) but when you reach this level your money keep on coming in but fast finish ,when your Phra Ngan reach the level face down follow banana leave face up , that is the time that you can ask for 4D….

But however this some people forget (the money you ask from Phra Ngan is your future money) so somehow people don’t understand about it.

Even at this time you can do a lot of magic, just talk in the language you can speak the magic will be done, you can ask people to give you luck, give luck to people, and etc.

But you need to remember one thing….

While give luck and change luck please put a time period, because those that give luck to others will be experiencing very bad luck. And those that get it will be very lucky…

This is the same case for sane as well.

In that time if you go to bar, even you look not that handsome when sun go down you look much more handsome then you think, girl will go crazy for you.

Phra Ngan is good for people that don’t have love line…

It will create illusion to the guy that wears it…

So it will make the guy more brave so is much easy to get a girl… but remember …  Once is to brave it will bring fight, so once you see your student easy to get mad or angry, those that can’t control the feeling, you need to take back the Phra Ngan from him if not he will go crazy or will die in horror accident,






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