Ngang Boon, Ancient Materials [1st Batch] (1)

Ngang Boon (Merit Ngang)

Let’s make a merit with MODERN MAJIK and Arjarn Jiam Mon Saneh Muang Morn.

On the occasion of MODERN MAJIK 10th anniversary in 2023, MODERN MAJIK start special project by created Phra Nang and launch to raise funds to donate to the Children’s Foundation.

Arjarn Jiam give a mercy to censecrate these amulets.

My first Ngang named “Mah-Kham-Thed” I got from Khun Phat Mahaved 63 which consecrated by Arjarn Phromchok (Cumbodian Master), so when I have an idea to do this project. I told K.Phat and he kindly given special wax fromArjarn Phromchok for use in this project.

Ngang Boon (Merit Ngang) is the most appropriate name. I designed them look cute as the purpose to donate to the children’s foundation.

Small size and bell base, 2 inches high. The symbol number 10 (Thai number applied) on the chest, and the character of “Nah Kin Mi Roo Sinh” (Plenty of asset) in the middle of the back.

Ngang Boon available 3 types as following

1.[SPECIAL] Ancient Materials [1st Batch], Bell Base, Special wax packed in the hole, Engraved by Arjarn Jiam (10 pcs.) 750 baht

2.Golden Bronze, Bell Base.(100 pcs.) 450 baht

3.Golden Bronze [Black Plated], Bell Base.(100 pcs.) 450 baht

[Booking Details]

*[SPECIAL] Ancient Materials [1st Batch] open for reservation on May 31st, 2023.

Sign up and reserve 1 name per person. Announce on June 7th, 2023. at 8 PM (Thailand Time). 10 lucky people will have the right to booking.

Open booking 31 May, 2023.

Ready to ship 15 Aug, 2023.

P.S. I = Poon, MODERN MAJIK owner.



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